Process Development


Scale Up Your Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Our cell and gene therapy development center features a process development pilot plant that can be used to scale up the manufacturing of promising cellular and gene therapy products.

The center is designed to help you augment your in-house process development capacities or gain access to facilities so you can bring a greater number of projects from pre-clinical to human trials without having to risk major capital investment or hire additional employees.

A Collaborative Manufacturing Process

The Center is a collaborative facility where technology developers, process developers and members of the biopharmaceutical industry work side by side to address the challenges in cell and gene therapy manufacturing.

Our Services

  • Cell and gene therapy development and optimization

  • Dedicated scientific team with significant experience in the field

  • Suspension and adherent cell culture capability

  • Optimization: cell growth, vector selection, yield

  • R&D process replication with open to closed system transformation and optimization

  • Downstream purification with QA and QC

  • Cell types: T-cells, NK cells, T-NK cells, HEK 293, antigen specific T-cells and others

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