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NJII Civic Transformation Solutions

NJII’s Civic Transformation solutions provide governments, developers, and technology providers with the guidance and support they need to design, launch, and implement transformational place-based initiatives.

Shape Development in your community

NJII can help evolve the role you play in private development that happens in your city. Instead of reacting to investor and developer proposals, we will help you create an inclusive vision for the future and align your community as well as private and public investment around that vision.

Deploy technology to address community defined challenges

Utopian visions of the “smart city” have not delivered – at least not for all members of our communities. Increased deployment of civic technologies in our shared public spaces has made us more aware of how technology produces or reproduces inequality. NJII takes a community-first approach to municipal technology interventions, only deploying solutions that move the needle on community-defined challenges.

Put a world-class research university to work for your community

Most of the 500+ municipalities in NJ do not host a research university – yet they can still leverage the New Jersey Institute of Technology’s strength as an engine of economic development. NJIT conducts more than $160 million in research activity each year and has a $2.8 billion annual economic impact on the State of New Jersey.

By partnering with NJIT researchers, your community can bring federal and state science and technology projects to your city – helping you attract and retain talent, increase economic activity, and establish a reputation as a city that values and pursues innovation.


How Can You Engage?

City Leadership

Re/Development Projects

  • Use NJII to help you engage and drive collaboration between your local community, business leaders, and academia. Together, we’ll create a comprehensive vision that goes beyond simple land-use and zoning.
  • NJII can help you design catalytic spaces that leverage technology, growth markets, and local assets. We focus on generating inclusive job opportunities and driving economic growth, aligning our solutions with state and federal priorities.

Innovation Officer-as-a-Service

  • The market for “smart city” solutions is becoming more sophisticated as cities continue to feel pressure to keep up with modern community amenities. However, many of these technology-driven solutions are unproven and lack transparent cost benchmarks. And the regulatory and legal environment for telecommunication equipment is complex and evolving.
  • While most CIOs are overwhelmed with operational IT support, cities can partner with NJII to navigate tthe world of digital innovation – including the many ethical and privacy implications that come with deploying digital technologies to the public.

Become a Grant Partner

  • With NJII’s guidance, cities can work with NJIT – a top-100 national university – on scientific and technological research. Many NJIT faculty receive federal or state research funding in the areas of water, energy, food, and mobility systems. They often need municipal, county, or state partners to test research questions in real-world environments.
  • This not only brings visibility to your city as a leader in innovation, but the results of the research are often incorporated into city services, keeping New Jersey at the frontier of city management.


Real Estate Developers

De-risk Your Investments

  • NJII’s work with our city and community partners can de-risk your real estate investments, helping you move beyond speculative projects. Reach out to us if you’re looking for “shovel-ready” high-potential development projects or want to develop land-use strategies for your current investments.

Technology Providers

Find Strong Providers

  • Our relationships with community stakeholders and anchor institutions, combined with expertise in public administration, provide corporate partners with a seamless channel to deploy technologies in the civic arena. We'll help you establish a real-world environment to pilot your smart city application.

Our Capabilities

The Civic Transformation team brings expertise in strategy, technology and community engagement:

Strategy Experience
  • Human-centered design approach focused on empathy, definition, and execution
  • Market research, project scoping, city planning and real estate development know-how
  • Expertise in novel smart city financing models and state technology policies
Technology Expertise
  • Unbiased subject matter experts to vet established vendors, regional research universities and/or start-up ecosystems
  • Proficiency in defining technical requirements for telecommunications network design
  • In-house software development and prototyping capabilities (hardware and software)
Community Engagement
  • Citizen-centric approach to technology to technology and smart city project selection
  • Physical workspace and programming available through VentureLink@NJIT
  • Focus on empowering residents with an entrepreneurial mindset

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