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Advanced Manufacturing and Worforce Development at Landing 360

COMET is a joint initiative of NJII's Defense Division, NJIT resources and the United States Department of Defense.  This initiative is housed at Landing 360, NJII's Advanced Manufacturing Center in Landing, New Jersey.  This center is an innovative maker space focused on use of innovative technologies to improve manufacturing and create products which have a high level of design. Advanced manufacturing is part of industry 4.0, the current industrial revolution, which focuses on automating and digitizing traditional manufacturing. These technologies can improve product quality, streamline processes, and drive the economy.

What is achieved through the COMET program is a result greater than the sum of its parts.  This public-private partnership supports the progress of advanced manufacturing and business development in NJ.  This is done through rapid prototyping delivery of manufactured solutions.  We bring your free-hand sketches to life for real world testing.  We do this using Digital Manufacturing materials groups including Metals, Polymers, Electronics, and Digital Twinning.

Our talented experts provide education and training through Workforce Development.  This is the cornerstone of the COMET initiative.  A pipeline of STEM talent is in high demand. COMET sits at the heart of the solution for New Jersey's needs.  Bring your needs for high mix, low volume manufacturing and we match that with access to subject matter expertise and the results are solutions you can operationalize to meet the needs of your industry, as well as a workforce to support those ongoing needs.

The Summer Internship Program is the only one of its kind in NJ.  Through the COMET initiative, we onboard 30 college students with an maker aptitude and immerse them in an environment built to nurture their education and career goals.  This is a hands-on, 10-week opportunity to develop solutions to real challenges.  This culminates to finished products and presentations to stakeholders and leadership.  

NJII partners with a wide variety of entities, from industry to government to state education. Our consortium continues to grow and meet the needs for industry collaboration.

Interested in touring the facility where COMET calls home?  Take a tour of our 20,000 square foot Advanced Manufacturing facility, filled with all of the latest technologies - large and small.  Peek in to the ISO Class 7 Clean Room.  Check out the SPEE3D Warp Speed metal coldspray machine.  Just a few of the cool things you will see when you visit!

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies


Metal particles are sprayed at supersonic speeds onto the substrate to build your part in layers. At such a high velocity, the sheer force of the kinetic energy causes the particles to bind together.

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This 3D printing technique is used to create complex geometries by selectively curing liquid resin through targeted light-activated polymerization.. Polymers are a preferred material for additive manufacturing because they can be customized to complex geometries with high accuracy.

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A multi-material, multi-layer 3D printing process that generates entire circuits in one step — including substrate, conductive traces, and passive components.

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Digital Twinning

Direct replication of assets or specific production lines or for any other “real world” scenario that a physical asset would endure in order to test, learn and iterate for the best possible outcome.

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Featured Capabilities and Equipment

SPEE3D Warp Speed

SPEE3D Warp Speed

The world’s first large format metal 3D printer to use our patented cold spray technology, WarpSPEE3D delivers rapid build rates. Build large, strong parts at high speed, including aluminium, copper, aluminium bronze, and stainless steel.

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Nanodimension Dragonfly

Nanodimension Dragonfly

A multi-material, multi-layer 3D printer that generates entire circuits in one step — including substrate, conductive traces, and passive components.

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Stratasys F900

Stratasys F900

Produce highly accurate 3D printed parts with repeatable, reliable performance. The F900 has the largest build chamber of any Stratasys FDM printer, providing the space needed to print large parts or multiples of smaller parts in a single build operation.

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Workforce Development

Providing expert education and training is the cornerstone of the COMET initiative.  Through the marriage of the unique space and the robust capabilities, the AM industry can showcase leading equipment and access a trained and vetted technical workforce.  The result is high mix, low volume manufacturing support you can operationalize.

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Improving Quality, Efficiency & Patient Outcomes

NJII Year Founded 2014


Square Feet of Maker Space



Interns trained



Small Businesses Supported



3D Printers of varying size and capability 


Landing 360 Innovation Center

A 20k sqft advanced manufacturing workforce development center, where the industry can showcase leading equipment and access a trained and vetted technical workforce. 

  • AM & Traditional Manufacturer
  • DoD Collaborator
  • Workforce Developer
  • Industry Solution Provider
  • Education & Training Hub

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