Behavioral Health Promoting
Interoperability (BH-PIP)

Facility Incentive to Implement Healthcare Technology to Support Patient Care

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Behavioral Health Promoting
Interoperability Program(BH-PIP)

BH-PIP is a program open to eligible behavioral health facilities in New jersey that are looking to implement healthcare technology in order to increase patient care support. Participation is coupled with milestones, which are incentivized for payment from the State of New Jersey health agencies.

The New Jersey Department of Human Services (NJDHS), the Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services (DMAHS), in collaboration with the Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) have made incentives available for the BH-PIP program. NJII Healthcare is the leading partner to support the facilitation of healthcare technology necessary to participate and support patient care.

The Behavioral Health (BH) Promoting Interoperability program provides funding to qualifying Behavioral Health facilities to help them deploy or upgrade electronic health record technology and provide more effective care.

The New Jersey Department of Human Services (NJDHS) is funding this initiative. This is a first-come, first-served program with a defined budget. We encourage participation as soon as possible to secure funding.

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Who Is Eligible?

This program is open to any Behavioral Health facility in New Jersey that meets the following requirements:

  • A non-profit or for-profit entity or government entity.
  • Facility must have at least 20% Medicaid patient volume in a consecutive 90-day period within the last 12 months (CHIP does not count toward patient volume and out of state patient percent shall not exceed the in-state patient percent).
  • Facility must be licensed by the Department of Health’s Certificate of Need and Facility Licensure (CNL) to provide mental health services and/or SUD services.
  • Substance Use facilities that are currently participating or have participated in the SUD Promoting Interoperability Program will not be permitted to participate in the BH Promoting Interoperability Program.

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Why Participate?

  • Implements the efficient capture, analysis, reporting and sharing of clinical and operational data
  • Connects “siloed” systems of care to enhance care coordination and quality
  • Reach incentive milestones and funding to reinvest in your facility programs
  • Contribute to the state's interoperability objectives
  • To establish an integrated behavioral health delivery system, improving care quality and coordination across providers.
  • This investment in IT infrastructure aims to connect siloed systems, leveraging existing capabilities like the State Level Repository (SLR), NJ Health Information Network (NJHIN), and the State Health Information Exchange (HIE).
  • The program provides incentives to sustain behavioral health providers who have invested in Health Information Technology (HIT).

How NJII Supports This Program

NJII plays a crucial role in the support of this program between facilities and the state of New Jersey:

  • Recruitment and qualification of BH Facilities to participate in the BH Promoting Interoperability Program.
  • Liaison between BH facilities and the State.
  • Education of all program milestones, deliverables, and deadlines to Behavioral Health facilities.
  • Assistance in meeting all requirements to complete milestones.
  • Assistance in the collection of proof documents for attestations.
  • Assistance in the submission of attestations to the New Jersey Medicaid Management Information System (NJMMIS) portal.
  • Coordination of incentive payments for Behavioral Health facilities.


What to Expect

Behavioral Health entities are eligible to receive financial incentives by meeting following milestones.
Each milestone is tied to financial incentives.

Milestone Activity BH Facility Incentive
1 Participation Agreement / EHR Vendor Contract Agreement $5,000
2A New EHR Go-Live -OR- $20,000
2B Existing EHR Upgrade $7,500
3 New Jersey Health Information Network (NJHIN/HIE) Connectivity $7,500
4 Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) Connectivity* $5,000
5 Behavioral Health eConsent Management System (eCMS) $5,000
6 Telehealth Services (integrated within EHR) $5,000

*New Jersey state has the option to revise the milestones to another quality metric.

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