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New Jersey Innovation Institute (NJII)

New Jersey Innovation Institute (NJII) was founded in 2014 and combines the vast resources of NJIT, strong industry and government relationships, and proven methods to drive innovation and deliver transformative products and services.

To achieve this, NJII is organized into four innovative divisions that guide our activities: healthcare, entrepreneurship, defense and homeland security, and  professional and corporate education.


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John Vito d'Antonio-Bertagnolli
John Vito d'Antonio-BertagnolliCEO of Ocular Motor Technologies
VentureLink is more than just an office building for my company. It's our connection to the rich pool of student talent at NJIT, and a hub of networking with both budding and seasoned entrepreneurs. Plus, the coffee machine makes hot chocolate with milk!
James Zunino
James ZuninoMaterials Engineer, Additive Manufacturing Principal, US Army Futures Command, CCDC Armaments Center
When we have different groups of experts cross collaborating and sharing ideas and taking those and running with them what we end up with is a powerful example of one of those situations where the sum of all the pieces is far better than the individual parts.
Juan Dueñas
Juan DueñasCo-Founder and CEO of ViRvii
We are excited to partner with NJII to integrate immersive and interactive virtual reality content into the educational environment to promote greater learning across the world.
Dr. Joanne Beck
Dr. Joanne BeckChief Operating Office, Boston Pharmaceuticals
NJII has made significant progress in the area of regenerative medicine and we are very excited about their new center and the opportunity for companies of varying sizes to leverage the center for cell and gene therapy development and manufacturing projects as well as workforce development.
Dr. Shereef Elnahal
Dr. Shereef ElnahalPresident & CEO, University Hospital in Newark, NJ
Folks are beginning to understand the value of having their health information available to any doctor who needs to see them, without resorting to outdated methods like paper mail and fax. Interoperability and data integration-including the NJHIN-are the ways that New Jersey will get there.

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