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As the leading Health Technology organization in New Jersey, NJII is dedicated to fostering technological advancement for healthcare providers.  Accelerating digital transformation of health technology drives interoperability and ultimately, outcomes for patients. As the trusted partner and operator of the New Jersey Health Information Network (NJHIN), the New Jersey Department of Health relies on NJII to securely manage the flow of information between health providers, facilities, state registries, patients and more. NJII is also responsible for maintaining and utilizing data related to the Substance Use Disorder Promoting Interoperability Program (SUD PIP), and the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), among other state and federal healthcare programs.  Familiarity with this data has positioned NJII as an expert in support provider needs for reporting.

Your focus is meeting patient outcomes and reporting their needs.  Our focus is identifying and applying the best methodologies for your unique needs.  With a proven history of managing and reporting complex health data, NJII is the trusted partner of choice. 

The healthcare industry relies on organized data to effectively analyze and inform key decisions.  Proper reporting requires experienced collection, organization, and evaluation of your data. New Jersey Innovation Institute (NJII) has focused on healthcare technology for nearly a decade and can support healthcare organizations with the resources and expertise necessary to comply with state mandates that improve practice operation and patient outcomes.  Our experts help you gain valuable data insights and achieve program milestones.  The outcome is improved reporting and decision making.


Clean and organized data is the foundation for accurate reporting and analysis.  NJII has the experience and infrastructure as well as elastic resources and personnel to help you with data normalization across multiple sources.  Additionally, we provide secure storage, cleaning and processing.  This combination of method, storage and processing enables exploratory analysis, model building, and data visualization.

Raw data must pass through many stages before transforming into actionable intelligence.  NJII's team of data scientists and analysts are experts in applying cutting-edge analytics techniques to manage data in order to solve real-world problems. 

Clean data is the Cornerstone

  • Data Collection and Storage: We provide secure and scalable data storage solutions to ensure the integrity and accessibility of your valuable information.

  • Data Cleaning and Reprocessing: We meticulously clean and prepare your data, removing inconsistencies and ensuring its suitability for analysis.

  • Exploratory Data Analysis: We conduct in-depth exploratory data analysis to uncover hidden patterns, trends, and anomalies within your datasets.

  • Feature Engineering: We transform raw data into meaningful features, enhancing the predictive power of your machine learning models.

  • Model Building and Evaluation: We leverage our expertise to develop and evaluate machine learning models, optimizing their performance for your specific needs.

  • Data Visualization and Storytelling: We create compelling data visualizations and narratives that effectively communicate insights to stakeholders.
  • Analytics Consulting and Implementation: We provide expert consulting services to guide you through the analytics life cycle, from strategy to implementation.


Tap Into Cutting-Edge Techniques for Data Analysis

Our team has extensive experience in applying advanced analytical techniques including artificial intelligence, across various practices (pediatric, maternal health, mental health). Through these avenues, we’re able to solve complex technical problems, increase efficiency, and turn raw data into actionable insights.

  • Machine Learning – development algorithms, predictive models and identification of risks.

  • Artificial Intelligence – Automation and optimization of tasks.
  • Natural Language Processing – Extracting meaning from unstructured text.
  • Computer Vision – Analysis of images and videos for detection and understanding.

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Full Range of Support for Healthcare Outcomes Reporting

  • Advanced Alternative Payment Methods: Decision support for choosing and measuring programs, and quantifying results so you know where you stand.

  • Delivery of Care/Quality: Meet patient safety, quality improvement and cost of care goals.
  • Revenue Cycle Performance: Gain insight into key financial indicators and efficiencies in coding and payment to help improve your financial performance.
  • Custom Solutions: Tailored to your needs, including Federal Legislative and Litigation Trackers, Culture of Safety surveys and Claims-Data Integrity tools.
  • Medicare Fee-for-service Policy Analytics: Access to estimated impact of Medicare's proposed and final payment policies on individual hospitals, health systems, states and nationwide.
  • Community and Market Planning: Access market dynamics to help identify trends and optimize revenue throughout the continuum of care.
  • Analytics Consulting and Implementation: We provide expert consulting services to guide you through the analytics life cycle, from strategy to implementation.

  • Medical Practice Consulting:  Support to implement patient-centered care models that improve outcomes and practice performance.

Expertise in Collecting, Organizing, Cleaning and Analyzing Large Data Sets

NJII is the trusted partner and operator of the New Jersey Health Information Network (NJHIN) in partnership with the New Jersey Department of Health and Department of Human Services.  NJII manages the NJHIN, which enables the secure electronic exchange of patient health information among trusted data sources across the entire state of New Jersey.  The handling and analysis of data of this importance requires rigor and expertise. Managing a network of this magnitude is only possible through state-of-the-art data analytics tools and learning technologies. You can learn more about New Jersey’s largest health network by clicking here.

NJII can help you transform data into actionable intelligence.

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Our Test Site offers a unique advantage in giving researchers and corporations easy access to all of the potential conditions and uses for the rapidly advancing technology. Our site is located in some of the most heavily traveled airspace in the country, and we have the ability to test terrain and conditions of all types.