Entrepreneurship at NJII

The Entrepreneurship Division at NJII is focused on engaging startups, growing businesses, and organizations in entrepreneurial thinking and activities. We work with organizations and teams to help them expand their innovation mindset and train others in the methods of entrepreneurship. 

We provide continuous programming to support the growth of industry specific verticals and strive to expand entrepreneurial support services for underserved communities around the state.

Whether you are here because you are launching or about to launch your first company, or you have a promising idea or piece of research and don’t know what to do next, we’re here to help. We also work regularly with established and growing businesses and can provide those of you that fit that bill a variety of services to help in a multitude of ways.

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Innovation Retreats

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IP and Commercialization

What We Do

  • Help start and grow promising young businesses

  • Create cultures of innovation 

  • Connect companies with funding, mentors, and customers

  • Provide personalized 1-on-1 support & mentoring

  • Conduct regular workshops and educational sessions

  • Facilitate professional networking

  • Host community building social events

  • Extend service provider connection & discounts

  • Found and launch incubators, accelerators, foundrys & studios

  • Support technology commercialization

  • Offer licensing of NJIT research and technologies

  • Own and manage coworking and private office space

Why Choose Us?

sq. ft. office space
established businesses
student entrepreneurs
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Your Ideas Realized at NJIT

VentureLink is a unique incubator and co-working space located on the campus of NJIT.  We offer budding and established entrepreneurs a place to call home. While many take advantage of our co-working and private office space, it’s also a destination for anyone who wants to share ideas, learn and network. It’s an ideal place to return to once the storm of COVID-19 has passed and a flexible solution for a primarily remote operation.

Meet the Leadership Team

Will Lutz is the General Manager for Entrepreneurship at the NJ Innovation Institute. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business, he is a four-time entrepreneur with two exits and retired nuclear submarine Navy veteran.

Will Lutz 

General Manager, Entrepreneurship

Chelsea Samuelson is the Director of Growth for Entrepreneurship at the NJ Innovation Institute. A Duke Public Policy Graduate with an MBA from Asia School of Business in collaboration with MIT Sloan, her professional background is with consumer-facing technology startups and early-stage manufacturing.

Chelsea Samuelson

Director of Growth

Catherine Tsavalas is the Program Director for VentureLink. She previously ran a nationally-ranked accelerator program in Pittsburgh, and has been consulting with early-stage technology startups on marketing and customer development, lean startup methods, and people operations for over seven years.

Catherine Tsavalas

Program Director

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