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Entrepreneurship at NJII

The Entrepreneurship Division at NJII is focused on engaging startups, growing businesses, and organizations in entrepreneurial thinking and activities. We work with organizations and teams to help them expand their innovation mindset and train others in the methods of entrepreneurship.

Whether you are here because you are launching or about to launch your first company, or you have a promising idea or piece of research and don’t know what to do next, we’re here to help. We also work regularly with established and growing businesses and can provide those of you that fit that bill a variety of services to help in a multitude of ways.


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IP & Commercialization

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John Vito d'Antonio-Bertagnolli
John Vito d'Antonio-BertagnolliCEO of Ocular Motor Technologies
VentureLink is more than just an office building for my company. It's our connection to the rich pool of student talent at NJIT, and a hub of networking with both budding and seasoned entrepreneurs. Plus, the coffee machine makes hot chocolate with milk!

What We Do

  • Help start and grow promising young businesses
  • Create cultures of innovation
  • Connect companies with funding, mentors, and customers
  • Provide personalized 1-on-1 support & mentoring
  • Conduct regular workshops and educational sessions
  • Facilitate professional networking
  • Host community building social events
  • Extend service provider connection & discounts
  • Found and launch incubators, accelerators, foundrys & studios
  • Support technology commercialization
  • Offer licensing of NJIT research and technologies
  • Own and manage coworking and private office space

Partnership with Merck

In 2023, Merck needed to develop an innovative drug development technology initiative powered by proprietary machine learning, giving scientists the tools to create and collaborate in an entrepreneurial environment. Thus, the collaboration between Merck and NJII was formed to curate a solution.

Read the outcome here:

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Monthly Open Coffee Club

Coffee. Bagels. Networking. Simple.

Everyone is welcome to join Open Coffee Club – casual monthly networking for entrepreneurs, seasoned co-founders, investors, and corporate partners to highlight the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit in Northern New Jersey.


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Your Ideas Realized at NJIT

VentureLink is a unique incubator and co-working space located on the campus of NJIT. We offer budding and established entrepreneurs a place to call home. While many take advantage of our co-working and private office space, it’s also a destination for anyone who wants to share ideas, learn and network. It’s an ideal place to return to once the storm of COVID-19 has passed and a flexible solution for a primarily remote operation.

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Michael Van Ter Sluis

Vice President

Ahmet-Hamdi Cavusoglu

Program Director

Harleigh Jones

Program Coordinator

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