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The LDI is a collaboration between NJIT and NJII offering educational and training opportunities for today’s changing global marketplace.

Our passion is empowering leaders to support, implement, and measure the ROI of investing in their human capital. We activate human capital to invoke a dynamic culture allowing organizations to innovate their operations by educating their stakeholders to remain relevant, vital and vibrant. Organizations that invest in their most valuable asset, human capital, benefit from empowered, motivated, dedicated and invested employees who work collaboratively for the benefit of the organization. Investment in leadership, communication, customer service, change management and AI for business keeps organizations ahead of their competitors by embracing the technology and resources that keep them competitive. 

LDI offers a variety of programming that is fully customizable to your organization.  Below is a brief list of topics.  Do you have a specific program in mind?  Read out today!


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Custom Program Descriptions

 Design Thinking for Business

Learn how to use the design/prototype/test/refine process that designers use in business operations and process improvement.  


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Leading Through Change

Change is hard. Refine your leadership skills amidst the emotional and operations challenges of change to bring out the best from your team and colleagues. 


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Leading with Empathy

Our humanity is what makes us able to relate, lead, empower and mentor others. Leaders and managers have very different roles; learn how to maximize yours. 


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Conflict Resolution and Negotiation

Whether interpersonal, interdepartmental, or one-up, conflict resolution and negotiation skills keep us grounded, non-emotional and poised for operating from a position of strength.


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Finance for Non-Finance Managers

Financial literacy is a key component of strategic planning and implementation, forecasting, and mitigating risk. Learn the basics so you can make decisions from a position of knowledge and strength.


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Project Management and Process Improvement

Strategy is 10% planning and 90% implementation. To be successful overseeing processes related to projects or operations, some essential skills will make the difference between success and failure and help keep you on budget and on time in your deliverables.


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Prompt Engineering- How to get the most out of everyday AI tools

Generative AI tools have hit mainstream applications. Learn the basics of prompt engineering to get t e most out of these tools and help achieve your business goals.


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What is the importance of investing in employee training and development?

NJII Lifetime Revenues


Higher employee retention rates




Higher income per employee 

NJII Registered Non-Profit


Of employees report higher levels of job satisfaction

These statistics underscore the importance of investing in employee training and development as a strategic approach to fostering a satisfied, productive, and loyal workforce.

Meet the Custom Training Team

Michael Edmondson, Ph.D

Vice President of Continued Learning

Tracy MacDonald

Director, Custom Training

Michelle Del Vecchio

Director, Operations and Administration

Ryan Mass

Director, Professional Development & Executive Education for NJIT

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The best way to tailor a custom training program is to uncover your organizational goals and needs.  Contact us to discuss how NJII can design and implement a solution.

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