Defense at NJII

Our Defense & Homeland Security division has been developed to help identify, build and implement innovative solutions that take advantage of advances in technology to enhance national security, protect our military personnel and critical assets, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of military operations.

We have established a private/public partnership with the United States Army called Advanced Development of Asset Protection Technologies (ADAPT).

The goal of ADAPT is to bring together commercial businesses, government subject matter experts and academic resources to create innovation solutions that are of immediate benefit and use.

The underpinning of the ADAPT program is an approach developed by NJITand NJII called Agile Innovation Management or AIM. The approach is highly pragmatic and collaborative, focused exclusively on meeting the needs of the client.

James Zunino
James ZuninoMaterials Engineer, Additive Manufacturing Principal, US Army Futures Command, CCDC Armaments Center
When we have different groups of experts cross collaborating and sharing ideas and taking those and running with them what we end up with is a powerful example of one of those situations where the sum of all the pieces is far better than the individual parts.
Joseph Sinclair
Joseph SinclairAdditive and Hybrid Processes, Imperial Machine and Tool Company
Technology is growing at a pace way faster than any single individual or company or even team of people within a company can keep track of so having a consortium of companies that come together to brainstorm and answer questions is invaluable.
John Federici
John FedericiNJIT
This is needs-based research so it starts with identifying a problem we need to solve and then we put together an appropriate team of industry, academics and government to come up with truly innovative solutions.
Mike van Ter Sluis
Mike van Ter SluisNJII
Any solution that comes our of our ADAPT program is co-created by the entire group from the bottom up which means that all our members put collaboration and the needs of the client first.

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