Substance Use Disorder Promoting Interoperability Program (SUDPIP)

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Substance Use Disorder Treatment Provider Promoting Interoperability Program

The New Jersey Department of Human Services, the Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services, the State’s Medicaid agency, and the Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) have made $5,306,250 available in incentive funding for the SUD PIP program.

The Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Promoting Interoperability program provides funding to qualifying SUD treatment providers to help them deploy or upgrade electronic health record technology and provide more effective care to those suffering from addiction.

New Jersey Department of Human Services (DHS) is funding this initiative. Enrollment in this program began in 2019 and was scheduled to end June 30, 2023 -- however, the program has been extended to August 2025. This is a first-come, first-served program with a defined budget. We encourage participation as soon as possible to secure funding. 

Who Is This Program For?

This program is open to any provider who meets the following requirements: 

  • A non-profit or for-profit entity, or governmental entity
  • A Medicaid provider and adjudicated claims from Medicaid
  • Licensed by the Department of Health’s Office of Licensing (OOL) to provide SUD treatment prior to the start of services
    • Mental health providers with active pending SUD application will be allowed to participate in the SUD program
    • SUD providers with pending license renewal may continue to be deemed eligible to participate in SUDPIP
  • Has at least one confirmed SUD admission during the calendar year

Information for SUD Providers
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Why Participate?

  • Increases your bandwidth and capacity for treatment
  • Accelerates your response efforts to crisis 
  • Allows for the efficient capture, analysis, reporting and sharing of clinical and operational data 
  • Connects “siloed” systems of care to enhance care coordination and quality 
  • Overcomes your current Inability to participate in the Federal Medicaid Promoting Interoperability Program (formerly known as EHR Incentive or Meaningful Use Program)

How NJII Supports Participants

NJII qualifies providers to participate in the SUD PIP program.  Client Services professionals onboard providers and support needs in meeting each critical milestone in the program.  This maximizes provider benefits both logistically and in reaching program incentives. 

NJII acts as a liaison between provider entities and the state.

Contact Client Support Services to learn more about eligibility and participation.

Chris Vadas
Chris VadasGreater Essex Counseling Services
Each Milestone that we achieved, the process was easy, you and your team’s support has been fantastic, and any challenges we encountered you got them rectified ASAP. One of the biggest successes we have encountered is our ability to schedule and maintain a heavy intake schedule.  Through this program, we have been able to exponentially grow our Medication Assisted Treatment program and help hundreds of patients. I highly recommend that other facilities work with you guys so they can see the benefit that an EHR system can provide to their organization.
Kristin Tito
Kristin TitoCPC Behavioral Healthcare
The SUD PIP program came at a perfect time for CPC as our EHR was no longer going to be certified. The requirements to meet each milestone were simple and easy to manage. The 1st milestone was just to show proof of a contract for a certified EHR. Milestones 2-4 were to provide proof of implementation and proof of use of each component. Consultants from NJII reviewed each piece of documentation with us prior to attestation. With this help, we successfully completed all 4 milestones.
Cathe Della Badia, Outpatient Practice Manager
Cathe Della Badia, Outpatient Practice ManagerThe Center for Great Expectations
NJ’s SUD PIP financial incentive enabled us to cover cost for our new EHR platform. In a very short period of time, we were able to attest for several of the key milestones and promptly receive payment. We are sincerely grateful for the funding and for all the support the NJII team provided along the way.
Nora Habafy
Nora HabafyNewBridge Services
Our participation in the SUD PIP Program has so far led NewBridge Providers to receive an ADT alert on a client who was hospitalized for medical reasons. Our Providers look forward to continuing to receive notifications from hospitals as this enables them to connect with the client in a timely manner and provide appropriate mental health care after a hospitalization. The availability of a client portal in our ONC Certified EHR has enabled clients to not only communicate with our Eligible Providers regarding their medications and other health-related matters, but also to view their crucial health information such as past and current vital ...
Cindee Robinson
Cindee RobinsonPreferred Behavioral Health Group
The SUD Program allowed us to upgrade our current EHR, enhancing the treatment we provide to our consumers and clients. NJII staff have been an invaluable resource to Preferred Behavioral Health Group throughout the entire process. They made the implementation and attestation uncomplicated and were extremely responsive to any questions we had.
Lida Hartfiel MA/CAGS, LPC, LRC, ACS
Lida Hartfiel MA/CAGS, LPC, LRC, ACSRichard Hall Community Mental Health Center
It has been a wonderful experience working with the SUD PIP program staff to assist our organization, and in turn our clients, as we move our Center and client safety forward with technology. We have worked through a number of milestones with the assistance of the staff who are responsive, engaged, understanding of our technical skill level and always available for consultation. The program staff of SUD PIP have been instrumental in helping our staff to have access to critical information to provide quality care through the integration of the PDMP into our EHR and the engagement in the NJHIN. We have been able to bring ...
Denise Pooley
Denise PooleyServices to Overcome Drug Abuse Among Teenagers
SODAT became aware of the ‘Promoting Interoperability Program for NJ SUD Providers’ in September 2019 and registered for the program right away. From the beginning we received helpful information regarding eligible EHR programming and the necessary guidance to attest to milestones as they were met throughout the process. The financial assistance provided by this program has been a blessing to our agency, allowing us to obtain software and to optimize connectivity within the EHR that we may not have been able to afford on our own. SODAT is grateful to have had the opportunity and we would suggest that anyone that needs ...
Lori Payeur
Lori PayeurThe Bridge
The initial training webinars were very well run. The instructional documentation and Power Point presentation material was detailed and well documented with Power Point Demonstrations. NJII/NJIT staff have made themselves available to us on multiple occasions to explain the program and then help push the process along. The milestones and accompanying deposits are helpful to SUD Agencies to have the wherewithal to move the process along especially with the EMR vendor responsible for implementation and/or upgrade.

What to Expect:

Providers in this program must meet several milestones, which are tied to financial incentives.

Milestone Activity SUD Provider Incentive
1 Participation Agreement / EHR Vendor Contract Agreement $5,000
2A New EHR Go-Live -OR- $20,000
2B Existing EHR Upgrade $7,500
3 New Jersey Health Information Network (NJHIN/HIE) Connectivity $7,500
4 Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) Connectivity* $5,000
5 New Jersey Substance Abuse Monitoring System* $5,000

*New Jersey state has the option to revise the milestones to another quality metric based on available HIT capacity.

Check Eligibility

Please complete a brief questionnaire to find out if you may be eligible to participate in this program.