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Our vision is to become the dominant force in revolutionizing healthcare through data-driven transformation. We constantly strive to improve patient experience and population health while reducing the cost of healthcare with innovation, technology and metrics. How do we do it? Our team creates solutions and offerings that leverage four key capabilities.


The New Jersey Innovation Institute helps organizations advance ideas and concepts into products, solutions and capabilities, at scale.

We favor fast iterations over perfect attempts, translate ideas into actions, solve specific problems, address unmet needs, and capitalize on new opportunities. We combine a century of healthcare operations experience with agile innovation management methods and one of the nation’s top research  universities to help organizations solve real-world challenges and accelerate digital transformations.

Our services are now expanding to include a Healthcare Innovation Marketplace that serves as an ecosystem of partners, technology and solutions. This digital marketplace will create the right conditions for startups needing expanded provider reach and access, providers (including investors) seeking continued access to a startup pipeline, and innovators wishing to commercialize their innovations.

We are ever ready to bring our resources to bear so that innovative healthcare ideas can flourish.

Quality Improvement

Quality improvement  – a huge focus for healthcare providers, payers and partners – will ultimately enhance patient safety, improve patient outcomes and reduce sots. In order to improve quality, healthcare providers and the practices they belong to have to understand what quality measures to target and how to measure their performance.

In order to support continuous quality improvement, many providers have had to implement or upgrade their electronic health record (EHR) systems. They’ve also worked hard to change their processes and common practices – especially in areas like patient engagement and care coordination, which have proven to have a big impact on patient outcomes and quality of care.

The team at NJII has the right expertise, experience and tolls to work with members of the healthcare industry on their quality improvement initiatives. Our experts regularly coach practice leaders, office managers and providers through their quality improvement programs. We help practices extract and analyze the data they need to understand and report on their progress.

We offer services such as our MIPS submission and consulting services and DSRIP reporting support to help practices and hospitals meet government reporting requirements for Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement.

Our Realytics team works with hospitals and provides a comprehensive business approach based on analysis of their Cost Per Unit of Service (CPUOS) for improving their operating margins without compromising quality of service.


Within the healthcare industry we see organizations undertaking digital transformation, operational or core transformation and even truly strategic transformations where they change the nature of their business and competitive landscape altogether.

NJII is an ideal partner for any transformation because we have a deep understanding of the various segments which make up the healthcare industry, as well as a broad understanding of the industry as a whole.

Furthermore, we understand the importance of putting the right metrics in place to manage your business and drive change, which is a huge component of any successful business transformation endeavor.

We have a long history of working alongside member of the healthcare industry to help them transform from organizations focused primarily on delivering services for fees to organizations focused on delivering value and providing evidence of that value to substantiate payments. We even help providers which believe so strongly in their ability to deliver value while reducing costs that they are willing to share in the risk with their payers, and tie their compensation to their ability to reach jointly agreed financial and quality targets.


The healthcare industry has long recognized the need to improve interoperability — the ability for systems to share and make use of healthcare information. That information includes clinical records, lab results, prescription data and much more.

When hospitals, primary care physicians, specialists, pharmacists, case managers and others involved in supporting the needs of a patient are able to communicate and coordinate care the results are better patient outcomes, improved patient safety, and lower costs.

Healthcare providers, patients and payers all have a vested interest in improving interoperability and working together to ensure appropriate and secure exchange and use of health records.

NJII supports the efforts of the healthcare industry to improve interoperability in several ways. We work on behalf of the state and federal government to encourage providers and practices to adopt or upgrade a compliant EHR, and for those that have already taken that step, we help them attest to the fact that they are using that EHR in meaningful ways tat directly contribute to target quality and financial metrics.

We are also the official entity responsible for operating the New Jersey Health Information Network (NJHIN) for the state Department of Health. The NJHIN is the only state-wide health information exchange.

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