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Why Invest in Your Workforce and Human Capital?

Employees are your organization’s biggest asset. Investing in that asset and developing talent is vital to the long-term, sustainable success of your company or organization.

When organizations invest in their talent, they experience multiple benefits.

  • Lower turn-over due to improved job satisfaction
  • Improved efficiency and productivity resulting in financial gain
  • Additional sources of creativity and innovation

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Why Choose NJIT?

  • Flexible programs held on-site at NJIT or your location, online or a hybrid model
  • Custom curriculum tailored to the unique needs of your business  
  • Active learning practices that promote deep learning and engagement
  • Competitive pricing models for individuals and groups
  • Worldclass instructors from industry and one of the top polytechnic universities in the country

Group Programs & Courses

Partner with us to accelerate your productivity. Below is a list of courses we have available, some are “off the shelf” and part of our ongoing course catalog and others are built to suit your specific needs. Even catalog courses can be tailored as needed.

NJII Human Capital Group Programs


Data & Technology


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