Peak Performance Culture: Executive Leadership Certificate

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Peak Performance Culture: Executive Leadership Certificate

Creating a peak performance culture is the primary responsibility of executive leadership.

However, it's often difficult to define exactly what is “culture” and how to successfully impact it.

This course identifies the five components of an organization’s culture and how to achieve excellence in each.

It is based on the tenets of Dave Mitchell’s book, Peak Performance Culture: The Five Metrics of Organizational Excellence.

Who Should Participate?

Peak Performance Culture Executive Leadership is for C-Suite leaders and those aspiring to executive roles in all types of organizations. The curriculum is designed to assist attendees with their pursuit of maximum organizational performance using human resources development best practices.

Program Benefits

  • Identify the components of organizational culture
  • Explore best practices in organizational development
  • Examine the characteristics of the most effective leadership ideologies
  • Evaluate the customer and employee experience relationship

Meet Your Instructor

Dave Mitchell is the author of The Power of Understanding Yourself, The Power of Understanding People and Peak Performance Culture: The Five Metrics of Organizational Excellence. Over 400,000 people have attended Dave’s “enter-TRAIN-ment” seminars on topics that include leadership, customer service, selling skills, and personal performance enhancement. His clients include Allstate Insurance, Bank of America, Universal Studios, Hilton Worldwide, Sub-Zero Wolf Appliances, Electrolux Appliances, Trek Bikes, Walt Disney World and the CIA.

In July 2013, Meeting Professionals International selected Dave as the Meeting Madness winner for Best Speaker of the Year at their World Education Congress in Las Vegas. In September 2015, Meetings and Conventions Magazine named Dave one of the Best Speakers of the Year. Dave graduated magna cum laude from Eastern Illinois University with a B.A. in Mass Communications and Business Administration. Later, he obtained his M.Ed. in Global Human Resources Development from the University of Illinois. He spent 12 years in broadcasting and as a human resources executive before he founded the Leadership Difference, Inc. in 1995. Dave has served as an adjunct professor at the University of Illinois and designated as a Certified Advanced Wine Sommelier by the International Wine Guild.

Courses Included

The Power of Understanding Yourself

8 Hours of Instruction

  • What is Metacognition?
  • What is a Personal Core Ideology
  • Discussion of Locus of Control
  • Interactive Style: Your Sizzle
  • Interactive Style Assessment
  • Punching Down Your Results – Primary Preference
  • Punching Down Your Results – Secondary Preference
  • Punching Down Your Results – Distribution of Preferences
  • Punching Down Your Results – Your Vulnerabilities
  • Group Exercise – Documenting Insights from Interactive Style Assessment
  • Finding Your Passion
  • Group Exercise – Identifying Your Core Values
  • Group Exercise – Defining Your Core Values
  • Group Exercise – Writing Your Core Ideology
  • Veraison –Continuing Your Journey to a Desired Future State
  • Reflection and Debrief
Horizontal and Vertical Alignment: Organizational Infrastructure

8 Hours of Instruction

  • The Five Metrics of Organizational Excellence
  • An Overview of Horizontal Alignment
  • Understanding the Industry and General Environment (Inputs)
  • Identifying Your Success Scoreboard (Outputs)
  • Core Ideology: The Vision, Mission and Strategy of the Organization
  • Group Exercise: Strategic Planning
  • An Overview of Vertical Alignment
  • Organizational Level Practices
  • Group Level Practices
  • Individual Level Practices
  • Group Exercise: The Pursuit of Vertical Alignment
  • Reflection and Debrief
Leadership Ideology for Peak Performance

8 Hours of Instruction

  • The Fulcrum Between Authority and Impact
  • Internal Locus of Control
  • Zero Based Thinking
  • Group Exercise: Zero Based Thinking
  • Coaching to Shift Accountability
  • Dialectic Thinking
  • Group Exercise: Conflict Resolution
  • People Preventative Maintenance
  • Intrinsic Needs Fulfillment
  • Seamwork
  • Group Exercise: The Patchwork Quilt
  • Reflection and Debrief

Creating an Exceptional Customer Experience

8 Hours of Instruction

  • What is Customer Experience?
  • Critical Interactions
  • Journey Mapping
  • Group Exercise: Creating a Customer Journey Map
  • Filtering: Positive, Neutral, Negative
  • The First Four Minutes Phenomenon
  • Group Exercise: journey Strategies
  • Customers: Evangelists, Satisfied, Unsatisfied and Heretics
  • Group Exercise: Customer Retention Strategies
  • LAST Model of Service Recovery
  • Reflection and Debrief
Creating an Exceptional Employee Experience

8 Hours of Instruction

  • What is Employee Experience?
  • Critical Interaction and Journey Mapping the Employee Experience
  • Group Exercise: Creating an Employee Journey Map
  • Filtering and the First Four Minutes Phenomenon for Employees
  • Group Exercise: Employee Journey Strategies
  • Employee Retention Data/Costs
  • Job Descriptions: The Underrated Document
  • Group Exercise: Creating a High Impact Job Description
  • Course Deliverables: Review, Reflection, and Graduation
NJII Peak Performance Culture Upcoming Sessions

Program Details


  • Groups:  Cost Varies. Our leadership programs are ideal for groups of almost any size and can be customized to suite your unique needs. Contact us to learn more.    
  • Individual Students:  $3,000  

Time:  40 hours 

Dates: 3/1/2021 

Format:  Live, online, instructor-led classes 

Skill Level:  All levels 

Type:  General Knowledge 

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