Now Available: The Business Jet Fuel for Your Biopharma Startup

Research lab, to startup venture, to growth business – with just a little help.

VentureLink’s BioFoundry is an early-stage incubator specifically designed for Cell and Gene Therapy startups. BioFoundry empowers and enables founder-scientists launch and transform their research into a full-fledged business with true investment potential. Our team transforms successful scientists into successful CEOs of investable companies. The BioFoundry’s unique mix of interactive programming, founder training, investor pitch coaching, and relationship building is the recipe for successful translational science startups.

Accepted companies access an exclusive network of investors and established pharmaceutical partners, as well as building crucial skills including team building, hiring, commercialization strategy, fundraising strategy and equity management.

BioFoundry companies are engaging the market and furthering the development of their businesses with access to our expert entrepreneurs, alumni network, established pharmaceutical leaders, BioCentriq – NJII’s full-service CDMO – and the VentureLink@NJIT coworking space.

If you are looking to scale-up or apply for a Series A in the next 18 months, BioFoundry offers valuable resources, connects you with capital, vetted talent, and established professionals that can provide mentoring.

Applications for VentureLink’s BioFoundry Incubator will be open on June 15th (6/15/21) to Cell and Gene Therapy startup founders until August 1st (7/1/21)!  This 14-week program will run from September to December of 2021 culminating in a showcase to investors and experts.

Investors are invited to connect as well. We scour the United States and beyond for the next big BioPharma startups. See them at the BioFoundry Showcase. Sign up to receive an invite!

For additional information on eligibility and the application process, review the BioFoundry’s page:

BioFoundry is free and we do not take any equity thanks to the support of the U.S. EDA Regional Innovation Strategies Program and our partners.