Why Should Businesses Adopt Industry 4.0 Technologies?

Will businesses today that adopt Industry 4.0 and Smart manufacturing technology become the market leaders of tomorrow? Currently 10% of global manufacturing companies have a highly developed Smart Manufacturing Strategy.  Over 65% US manufactures are in various stages of aggressively moving forward with the Smart Manufacturing digital transformation.

How do you make this transformation and realize benefits of increased growth, a more collaborative workforce, increased profitability, greater flexibility and attract top talent?

You’re Invited To Our Smart Manufacturing Panel Event!

New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) is hosting an Industry 4.0 / Smart Manufacturing event on April 21, 2022 at 5:30pm. We will have a panel of New Jersey businesses who are in different phases of Industry 4.0 adoption. Hear their challenges, mistakes, and benefits they are realizing building out a smart manufacturing organization. Hear from Manufactures about how they navigated new technology like robotics, data collection, sensors, and data analysis to optimization process improvements, enhancing productivity, and reduce manufacturing cost.

Register and join us!

If you need additional information please contact David Watts at david.watts@njii.com.