BioCentriq™ is the Cell and Gene Therapy Development and Manufacturing Center and Center of Excellence at NJII.

We have a state-of-the-art process development and cGMP manufacturing center equipped with two GMP suites for cell & gene therapy clinical production and a cell & gene therapy process development pilot plant.

BioCentriq™ has been designed to support the development of cell and gene therapies through innovation and collaboration.

Our clients choose us because we offer fast and cost effective development services that are secure, confidential and flexible. To learn more about the Biopharma Division, click here.

Services We Provide

Process Development
Process Development

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Clinical Manufacturing
Clinical Manufacturing

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Workforce Development
Workforce Development

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Flexible Manufacturing

BioCentriq™ is available for pre-competitive group sponsored projects and fee-for-service proprietary projects.

We enable rapid growth of new scale-up and manufacturing technologies, customized as needed for each client.

Client teams are welcome to join our staff during project work  to facilitate knowledge transfer in a hybrid "hoteling" model. We also have the expertise required to run your projects for you.

Most importantly, we do not retain any intellectual property, all IP belongs solely to you, the client.

Solutions for Cell & Gene Therapies

Cell Therapy

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Gene Therapy

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Narrowing the Skills Gap

We collaborate with large pharmaceutical companies, training partners and funders such as the US government and the National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing (NIIMBL).

Our goal is to educate the next generation workforce who want to provide general and customized training in cell therapy and biologics manufacturing.

Our Industry Partners


Meet The Team

Hartounian, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President & General Manager

Ioannidis, Ph.D.

Director, Alliance & Project Management

De Silva, Ph.D.

Director, Business Development

Khan, MBA

Senior Director, Planning & Operations

Xu, Ph.D.

Principal Scientist

Savalia, M.Sc.

Principal Scientist

Alali, Ph.D.

Director, Quality & Compliance

Santiago-Ortiz, Ph.D.

Director, Process Development


Head of Cell Therapy

Patel, M.Sc.

Project Manager

Meissner, M.Sc.

CMC Consultant



Varkouhi, MD, Ph.D.

Senior Research Fellow

Yarotsky, Ph.D.

Senior Research Fellow


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