Eugene Chen, Victor Lawrence, and Alexei Miasnikov Join Advisory Council at NJII

Newark, New Jersey: The New Jersey Innovation Institute (NJII), an NJIT (New Jersey Institute of Technology) corporation, is pleased to announce that it has formed an advisory council to support the endeavors and programs developed in its Data & Technology division. Initial members include the following recognized leaders in business development, engineering, and math.

NJII Data and Technology Eugene Chen
Eugene Chen

Eugene Chen, business analyst at Anthropocene Institute with 20+ years of experience in international business development, marketing, and manufacturing across many industries. His role at Anthropocene is to both evaluate potential investments and then once selected, provide those businesses with advice and guidance that helps them succeed.

NJII Data and Technology Dr. Victor Lawrence
Dr. Victor Lawrence

Victor Lawrence, Ph.D., distinguished research professor and the director of the center for intelligent networked systems, Stevens Institute of Technology. He was inducted into the U.S. National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2016 and has been a member of the National Academy of Engineers since 2003. His work has advanced data encoding and transmission, modem technology, silicon chip design, ATM switching and protocols, DSL, speech and audio coding, and digital video.

NJII Data and Technology Dr. Alexei Miasnikov
Dr. Alexei Miasnikov

Alexei Miasnikov, Ph.D., distinguished professor, director of the Department of Mathematics at Stevens Institute of Technology. A world-class mathematician and a leading international expert in geometric and algorithmic group theory, model theory, computer science and cryptography, Alexei was selected as an Inaugural Fellow of the American Mathematical Society and is a co-founder of Gradarius

The Data & Technology division includes five strategic hubs: Cybersecurity, Data Science, EdTech, FinTech, and Hardware. These five strategic hubs form an ecosystem that connects companies, investors and innovators, government agencies, and industry partners to enable business agility, scale, and efficiency. Unique partnerships are developed that reduce time to market, unlock value, improve costs, create new offerings, and generate revenue.

NJII CEO Simon Nynens said “We are incredibly honored to have Eugene, Victor and Alexei, who are true leaders and visionaries in their respective fields, act as advisors to us and our partners.”

“You can’t turn anywhere today without running into data and technology. Data science and cyber security are core to every industry,” affirmed Dr. Lawrence, “I am close to many students and innovators and one of their key frustrations is the lack of connection to companies and VCs that can help their ideas grow; and if we do this very well, we can make NJII the focal point of a technology hub in New Jersey.”

The newly formed advisory council will provide strategic direction to the leadership of NJII as well as help identify emerging companies and technologies that NJII can scale and introduce to new markets. In addition, members of the advisory council will be available to support the organizations who become clients and partners.

Eugene Chen said, “as an advisory council we are in a unique position to share our considerable experience commercializing technologies.” Mr. Chen further added, “We can also provide access to business opportunities, institutions, and partners that budding technologists and start-ups or innovators may not otherwise have access to.”

Companies that join one or more of the five strategic hubs gain access to new partners and markets, skilled resources, R&D, proximity to the tri-state area, unique sources of funding, licensable intellectual property, and more.

Dan Kaminski, senior vice president and general manager, NJII said “Our team will benefit in so many ways from working with this group. Dr. Lawrence, Dr. Miasnikov and Eugene are all incredibly passionate about the opportunities to apply data and technology to improve the lives of future generations and we are very fortunate they are willing to share their enthusiasm, experience, time and perspective with us.”

When asked why companies with promising data & technology solutions should consider working with NJII, Dr. Miasnikov stated, “People are not a small thing. In addition to having a structure that is agile and facilitates acceleration of new innovations, NJII and NJIT have an impressive leadership team with people who are admirable and good to work with, approachable, and passionate.” To learn more about the Data & division at NJII or to contact the team visit