AI-Understanding Concepts, Building Applications, Exploring Career Paths Workshop Day 2

“Prompt Engineering: How to Use ChatGPT at Work”

This workshop is part two of a four-part series.

Goal: Equip managers and teams with the know-how of how to prompt LLMs effectively, where they can go wrong, what the limitations are, and how to control them.  

Prerequisites: ChatGPT Plus account installed + Workshop 1 completed; free account at Replit created.

The instructor delivering the workshop on behalf of 387labs is Tim Valicenti. Tim is the creator and an instructor of MIT’s first course exclusively designed around generative AI called Generative AI for Managers.

Topics included throughout the workshop series include: 

  • Understand the differences between classic machine learning and modern generative AI 
  • Overview of various use cases of AI (along with some dangerous pitfalls made by big companies) 
  • Understand – without doing any math – how ChatGPT was trained, on what data, and why now 
  • Equip managers and teams with the know-how of how to prompt LLMs effectively 
  • Working With AI Models and LLMs (hands-on) 
  • Understand how AI will change the future of work and where one’s own corporation sits in the AI value chain 
  • There is more to generative AI than LLMs: RAG systems and AI agents


  • Module 1: Prompt Engineering Mechanics: Tokens & Hallucinations
  • Module 2: Tokens & Hallucinations Workshop (hands-on) 
  • Module 3: Prompt Engineering Strategies 
  • Module 4: Business Case Analysis through Prompting (hands-on) 


Cost: $749