BioFoundry Showcase 2021

Join NJII and VentureLink for our culminating 2021 BioFoundry Showcase, where companies will present their pitches!

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Presenting companies include:

AddGraft Therapeutics aims to fundamentally cure an individual of their AUD affliction.

Animatus Biosciences is a regenerative medicine company with innovative technology to regenerate injured of aged tissues.

Girihlet is creating a new class of antibodies to reverse autoimmunity by identifying the disease-causing T- cells .

Glyphic Biotechnologies is developing a first-of-its-kind single-molecule protein sequencing platform.

Raven Biomaterials makes a next generation RBI-Bead cell separation platform that can integrate into existing processes to facilitate faster and cleaner isolation of critical cells.

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About BioFoundry

This 15-week program coaches biopharma technology companies across the country on what it takes to grow their research from the lab to commercialization. We focus on strong foundations, practical knowledge, and mentorship that have been proven to help startups succeed.

Graduates of our program will be ready for the next step in their entrepreneurial journey, which may include pharma partnerships, grant funding, and venture capital fundraising.