Navigating the Unknown: Traveling Outside Your Comfort Zone and Understanding AI

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, individuals and organizations alike encounter constant pressure to adapt to novel tools and technologies. With the proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) and its integration into various facets of daily life, the need for a nuanced understanding of these advancements is more pressing than ever. The upcoming webinar seeks to provide invaluable insights into navigating these uncharted territories.

Participants can expect an engaging and interactive session composed of Dr. Michael Edmondson, Ph.D., Vice-President of Professional Education at NJII, Dr. Thomas Villani, AVP of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning at NJII, and Samantha Mulcahy, Founder – Canvas Coaching Group. The panelists will guide attendees through an exploration of the psychological and practical implications of embracing innovation.

From overcoming anxiety to seizing opportunities for personal and professional growth, attendees will gain invaluable perspectives to navigate the evolving landscape with confidence and resilience.

Moderator: Tracy Macdonald

Speakers: Michael Edmondson, Thomas Villani, & Samantha Mulcahy