Open Coffee Club February (VIRTUAL)

Open Coffee Club is BACK! And all virtual.

DO NOT COME INTO VENTURELINK. We’re all virtual for the February Open Coffee Club. We’ll be using to mimic an in-person event. Gather combines video-calling with a 2D map to let you “walk” around and talk to the other people right next to you.

Founders, investors, technologists, students, professors, designers, and everyone in between are welcome to join us for Open Coffee Club Virtual.

Open Coffee Club is a relaxed atmosphere for networking, discussing ideas, and making connections. It is free and open for everyone.

Open Coffee Club is an open-concept idea started by Saul Klein, one of the cofounders of Skype and a London based Venture Capitalist. Made to be replicated around the world, Open Coffee Club is designed to facilitate low-pressure interactions between startups and the broader innovation ecosystem. We are proud to host the first Open Coffee Club in the Newark Area.

Note: Coffee and bagels will not be provided. I recommend getting some from your favorite coffee shop though! Support local business!