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MIPS 2020

As a CMS qualified registry for 7 continuous years, we have assisted over 12,000 clinicians throughout small practices, health systems, billing vendors, and EHR/EMR software in submission of all value based programs across the country. As a result of our involvement and historical success in the push for value-based programs, HCIS is in many ways the best solution for MIPS 2020 reporting. We offer the ability to submit to multiple programs which sets us apart from our competitors. We provide ongoing support to assess your reporting while having the value to calculate your scores in real time before submission to CMS.



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Per Clinician

  • Access to the registry for submission to CMS on all MIPS Categories

  • Monthly webinars

  • Online Resources

  • Self-Help Tools, Online Resources, FAQs for Successful Reporting

  • HelpDesk Support - Phone & Email

  • Measure Selection Guidance Tools

  • Priority HelpDesk

  • Kickoff Call

  • Education on MIPS Reporting Categories

  • Promoting Interoperability (ACI/MU) Support

  • Assigned MIPS Advisor

  • Gap Analysis

  • Strategies to Efficiently Optimize Incentive Payments & Avoid Penalties

  • Preparing for an Audit

  • Data Review Before Submission

  • Vendor Support (EMR/EHR & Billing Company)

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Our MIPS advisors provide support in areas such as measure selection, performance monitoring and optimization. HCIS services include a comprehensive list of packages to guide practices through the quality, improvement activities, promoting interoperability, and cost categories of MIPS. With our flexible services we take pride in guiding clinicians to achieve the highest MIPS performance score possible.

*Register for Submission + Consulting and receive a $100 discount on our submission services.

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You can sign up now to submit through our CMS qualified registry or hire our MIPS advisers to help you through the process. Please use this form if you have additional questions.

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