Greetings From the Garden State: Innovation in the Garden State, a Deep Dive on NJII

On an episode of Greetings from the Garden State, the President of the New Jersey Innovation Institute (NJII), was conducted at the groundbreaking Comet Advanced Manufacturing Facility. Together, we explore NJII’s distinctive position as a standalone corporation owned by NJIT, meticulously designed to address global challenges by seamlessly connecting academia with the external world.

The episode takes a deep dive into NJII’s ongoing initiatives and strategic partnerships. Michael sheds light on their collaboration with the Department of Defense, focusing on the rigorous testing of advanced manufacturing equipment for military applications and comprehensive workforce training programs. Intriguing projects involving body cam footage analysis for law enforcement and pioneering drone technology for predicting power line failures come to the forefront.

Michael Johnson, in a candid exchange, shares personal insights into his journey, from an early passion for science and engineering to co-founding a company dedicated to 3D tissue imaging. The conversation pivots to NJII’s ambitious growth mindset, substantial investments in new initiatives, and visionary plans to double both personnel and revenue over the next six to seven years. Their ultimate goal is to achieve financial independence while actively contributing to the success of NJIT.

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