New Jersey Innovation Institute and Rutgers University Center on Policing Form Partnership to Aid Police

NEWARK, NJ, September 5, 2019 – New Jersey Innovation Institute, a New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) corporation, has formed a partnership with the Rutgers University Center on Policing aimed at helping police, first responder and campus safety personnel become more effective through the use of emerging new smart technologies.


The rapid advancement of approaches such as artificial intelligence, video analytics and Internet of Things is dramatically transforming every aspect of the world today including the public safety field.  Exciting new capabilities and functions are being developed at a pace unmatched in history. Taking advantage of these burgeoning new solutions is critical for the public safety community to keep pace as urban areas develop into “smart cities” and incorporate their own technological advances and approaches.


The NJII-led Public Safety Consortium will work with key New Jersey stakeholders across the state to identify transformative smart technologies and capabilities that can be tested and applied by local police, school safety officials, first responders, and others to improve public and campus safety.


William Marshall, NJII vice president, government affairs, defense and homeland security stated, “As a former police captain, I see how the new tools and technologies available to public safety officials have the potential to increase the effectiveness of those charged with the responsibility of protecting and ensuring the welfare of the public. This new NJII-Rutgers partnership will fill an important role in bringing these beneficial advances into day-to-day operation.”


Linda Tartaglia, director of the Rutgers Center on Policing, indicated, “The partnership will bring together the public safety practitioners who work with the Center on Policing and the technology experience of NJII. This will make a strong program that will continue to support the public safety agencies in New Jersey as they identify and adopt best practices and emerging technology to better serve the communities they protect.”