NJII Partners with CPLS to Bring AI- Powered Online Mathematics Learning Platform to Higher Ed 

The New Jersey Innovation Institute (NJII) has partnered with education technology provider Castle Point Learning Systems (CPLS) to expand the latter’s groundbreaking online mathematics learning platform, Gradarius™.

Gradarius offers interactive, customizable instruction in all levels of mathematics, from basic math and algebra, to precalculus, and all levels of calculus. It is the first freeform educational platform of its sort, and provides a complete learning experience, from the introduction of a mathematical concept, to its practice, mastery, assessment, and credit.

NJII, a corporation of the New Jersey Institute of Technology, in Newark, will provide CPLS with program management, marketing, and sales support, and assist in client relationship management and content development for the Gradarius platform. “As part of our strategy of becoming a leader in the next generation of online education, we plan to bring the Gradarius platform to universities, community colleges and high schools throughout New Jersey, and beyond,” said Michelle Marki, director of Data & Technology at NJII.

The pandemic has shown the importance and viability of online learning, and Gradarius takes this to an entirely new level. It provides students real-time assistance and virtual tutoring, on-demand. Plus, the platform comes with all learning materials included, so users can save money on textbooks. Gradarius replaces written homework and enables students to construct complex solutions in a free-form manner, similar to solving problems on paper or a blackboard. The platform’s artificial intelligence points out mistakes and provides hints throughout the problem-solving process.

Gradarius’ benefits to educational institutions and instructors include increased retention rates and sustainable scaling and outreach. It lets cash-strapped educational institutions save on personnel and the overtime costs needed to grade homework and tests. Plus, it extends teaching times to fit any schedule, anywhere on Earth.

The platform was developed by CPLS’ Founders Dr. Alexei Miasnikov and Dr. Alex Myasnikov,

Professors in the Mathematical Sciences department at Stevens Institute of Technology. Gradarius was named after the Latin word for “progressing step-by-step.” It has been used by several Universities including Stevens Institute of Technology as well as the University of Chicago, Arizona State University and renowned institutions in Europe and Africa.

“We are very excited about this new partnership, and expect to expand our reach significantly with NJII’s expert assistance,” said Dr. Miasnikov. “Gradarius represents the future of free-form problem-solving, allowing students to reach greater depths of understanding while instructors save time and gain significant insight into their classes’ strengths.”

For more information, email datatech@njii.com.

About NJII

The New Jersey Innovation Institute (NJII), an NJIT corporation, was founded in 2014 and helps turn ideas into workable solutions across six divisions; biopharma, data and advanced technology, defense and homeland security, entrepreneurship, healthcare delivery and human capital. NJII combines the vast resources of NJIT, strong and far-reaching industry and government relationships, and proven methods for building industry centric ecosystems to help drive innovation and deliver solutions that make a direct impact on the economy and the health and welfare of its participants. Learn more at www.njii.com.

About CPLS

Castle Point Learning Systems Corporation was created by Dr. Alexei Miasnikov and Dr. Alex Myasnikov to develop Gradarius™ — the world’s first freeform calculus learning platform, which offers immediate feedback, and guided problem solving for every problem, at any time of the day or night.