NJIT offers Certificate in Creative Placemaking

As part of the HUB for Creative Placemaking, New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) will present its intensive ten- week in-person professional certificate course in Creative Placemaking in the Spring of 2019. NJIT is the first university in the United States to provide this comprehensive certification in the emerging field of practice. Graduates of the course will have the knowledge and skills to leverage arts and cultural resources to lead transformation in municipalities–with impact on every aspect of community life, including economics, health, housing, revitalization, policies and environment.

Participants in the course include NJ municipal officials and leaders, county and local planners, community development leaders, real estate and development professionals, artists, land-use professionals, social service professionals, corporate community service facilitators, educators, administrators.

The Creative Placemaking Certification Course draws on the university’s robust resources in smart cities technologies, STEM, architecture and design, and management, The course is co-led by Suzanne Ishee, long-time Creative Placemaking leader in NJ and New Jersey Innovation Institute’s (NJII) Dr. Colette Santasieri, Executive Director, Policy and Planning Innovation for Civil Infrastructure and Environment. A host of outstanding guest faculty lecturers provide expertise by sharing their relevant knowledge in regional planning, policy-making, arts, marketing and more.

The certificate course of study is divided into 3 concurrent parts examining the Creative Placemaking process and the principles and practice of Creative Placemaking. Upon completion of the in-class learning, each participant in the course will plan and carry out a mentored Creative Placemaking field project in their respective community and make final presentation of their work.

Classes are delivered on the NJIT campus and enrollment is strictly limited in order to maximize opportunity for personal practice and robust peer-to-peer exchange. Graduates of this course of study are already building a better quality of life in municipalities throughout New Jersey.

To learn more, please visit: https://executiveeducation.njit.edu/courses/creativeplacemaking-certificate/ This your opportunity to move your community forward through outstanding leadership preparation provided at NJIT!