Lida Hartfiel MA/CAGS, LPC, LRC, ACS

It has been a wonderful experience working with the SUD PIP program staff to assist our organization, and in turn our clients, as we move our Center and client safety forward with technology. We have worked through a number of milestones with the assistance of the staff who are responsive, engaged, understanding of our technical skill level and always available for consultation. The program staff of SUD PIP have been instrumental in helping our staff to have access to critical information to provide quality care through the integration of the PDMP into our EHR and the engagement in the NJHIN. We have been able to bring resources and information to our treatment providers that has been significant to ensure that the agency integrates information to the benefit of the client, provides wrap around supports and engagement while also increasing our collaborative care. It is an amazing collaboration, and we look forward to it continuing through the rest of the milestones. Thank you!