Success Story: Partnership with ROMARK

Romark Logistics is a business storage, transportation, and logistics company based out of Westfield, New Jersey. Romark currently operates over 8 million square feet of managed space throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas, and California. Romark needed to establish a technology roadmap that utilizes current automated solutions, while leaving room for advancement in years ahead.

In 2023, Romark needed to efficiently upgrade their technical and automation solutions in order to effectively manage growth and maintain quality.

Romark partnered with NJII to identify and develop new opportunities in logistics technology. This included the development of a multi-year technology roadmap, implementation of modern warehouse technology, development of discrete projects spinning AI, robotics, video analytics, optimization and more.

Driven by research and development, NJII delivered business value to support first class supply0chain and logistics for Romark.

“We are very excited about our partnership with NJII/NJIT and the impressive team they have assembled. Romark embraces innovation and is consistently researching opportunities for advanced technology throughout the world. By partnering with NJII/NJIT, we gain additional expertise and further expand our R&D capabilities, which will enable us to continue to transform our business and position our clients for the future.”

Marc Lebowitz
(President and Owner, Romark Logistics)