Identifying Priorities in Early Stage for Manufacturing Success Webinar

This event has passed but we highly encourage you to register and watch the on demand video recording.
The details of the event are below.

Learn from the experts how to strategize in early stages to success in commercializing cell and gene therapy products.

It’s no secret that the road to commercialisation for developers of cell and gene therapies is a complex one. To get ahead, manufacturers need to consider early on how they might manufacture the product at scale in later stages. Often, the decisions made in early stages set a product up for the future success and therefore present an opportunity to accelerate development. 

For this webinar, we have gathered a skilled panel of experts from a range of regulatory, manufacturing and biotech strategy backgrounds, to provide guidance in identifying and prioritising decisions in early stages to ensure success in commercialising cell and gene therapy products. 

The panel discussion will include: 

  • How to work with technology developers and suppliers 
  • Finding the right partners for development and manufacturing 
  • Handling regulatory issues and challenges  
  • Solving the challenges of recruiting and workforce development 

This webinar is being delivered in partnership with BioCentriq.