How to Optimize Your Wastewater and Reduce OPEX

Join BioPetroClean (BPC) for an online seminar on July 13th, 2021, from 9-10 a.m. to learn directly from CEO David Amir on the approaches used in wastewater treatment (WWT) throughout the food and beverage industry to reduce their ‘waste footprint’.

Agenda Topics

Common Challenges in WWT
– Inlet instabilities and/or shock loads are making it extremely challenging to maintain a sustainable quality
– Discharge norms are getting tighter which means potential fines that may increase your OPEX
– Budget constraints make it difficult to meet increasing quality standards
– How to upgrade aging infrastructure without major CAPEX investment

Realities Every WWT Facility Faces
– Industrial WWT faces 4-5 upsets per year
– Every upset recovery takes about a month
– “Invisible” OPEX is most significant
– Most plants lack the proper automation needed

How to Optimize Your Plan Without Major Investment

An established plant can overcome these challenges and realities in 90 days, even with the most aggressive quality targets. In addition, that improvement can be made without making excessive capital investments and it can result in reduced OPEX too.

There is an opportunity to apply advanced process automation mechanisms and modern technology, such as IOT and BI software, to improve your WWT operational efficiency.

David Amir will discuss how this works and share real-world examples during this event.

About BPC

BPC is one of the leading sustainable clean-tech organizations in the world. The company offers specialized treatment plans that are guaranteed to decrease contamination levels, output up to 50% less sludge and improve the effectiveness of your wastewater treatment overall.