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 Introduction to Frontline Supervisory Roles and Functions

Frontline managers and supervisors play a vital role in business. They are responsible for supervising the employees who ultimately deliver the products and services your valued customers desire.

Investing in talent development, at this critical point, leads to improved supervisor effectiveness and engagement, increasing the likelihood of employee productivity, retention and engagement.

A well-developed frontline workforce also provides a greater pool of candidates to fuel your talent pipeline and leads to improved customer satisfaction and return business.

This course serves as an introduction to supervisory roles and functions in today's changing workplace environment. It includes concepts, exercises and activities that explore and reinforce the supervisors role.

Upcoming Sessions

Cost:  $2,100

Dates:  8/30/21 - 10/21/21

Days/Times:  Mondays & Wednesday 6:00pm - 9:00pm (40 hrs)

Format:  Online, Live Instruction

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Who should participate?

Anyone who wants to unleash their leadership abilities and reach new levels of success.


  • Effectively organize and plan work and resources
  • Tackle problems with confidence and handle the unexpected
  • Take responsibility for decisions
  • Demonstrate business knowledge and skills
  • Make sound judgments
  • Inspire others to go the extra mile
  • Set clear expectations, communicate effectively and push for results
  • Confront and resolve conflict


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