Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers

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Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers

It is often challenging for non-financial managers to know what questions to ask about financial reports and analysis or make business decisions and gather insights from reports they've never been trained to understand fully. 

The world of finance is known for having it's own "language" and vocabulary which can create confusion for anyone who's privy to what those terms mean and the kind of data they represent.

This course is built for managers and leaders who are often provided with financial reports or analysis and asked to make decisions or draw conclusions for those presentations.  

By taking this course non-financial managers will be able to make better informed business decisions and collaborate more effectively with their financial counterparts.

Upcoming Sessions

Cost: $1,900

Dates:  8/30/21 - 10/21/21

Time: Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:00pm - 9:00pm (40 hrs)

Format: Live, online, instructor-led classes

Skill Level: All levels


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Topics Covered

  • Key financial concepts
  • How to read financial reports 
  • Recording business transactions
  • Identifying and estimating costs
  • Managing budgets
  • Assessing return on investments
  • Accounting for capital expenditures
  • Analyzing and understanding working capital
  • Developing and analyzing business case
  • Determining break even points
  • Understanding financial performance

Who Should Participate?

Anyone who has ownership, responsibility or is a stakeholder in the financial performance of a business, team, department, division, product, partnership, joint venture or business line and does not have formal training, experience or education in financial management. 


Program Benefits

  • Make better informed decisions
  • Understand financial data and presentations
  • Collaborate and communicate more effectively with financial counterparts

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